Monocomplex is a design studio which consists of a team with 4 members including Jang Won Cho, Hyun Woo Park, Eun Sang Hwang, and Tae Min Kim.
They display the feelings, thoughts, and complex elements we encounter in life through liberal forms of objects by utilizing various materials.
The disengaged forms that boundlessly unfold through the collision between objects and people as well as amongst people are expressed by
basing on modern elements and different aesthetic standards.
The theme which contributes to these outcomes is simply to assist the derivation of ideas in the audience as well as induce subjective imagination
that is displayed through different forms. According to Monocomplex, ‘we live in the modern era just like the audience and all the simple things
that we express portray the diversity of the current times.’ In other words, “simple things are what represent the assortment.”

Ever since Monocomplex started its activities in the year 2011, it formed cooperative relations with distinguished clients such as Samsung Card,
Galleria Luxury Hall, Planning Korea, W Hotel, Seoul City hall, Corelle, DITTING (Swiss 社) and The Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival and
received recognition for its excellence in project implementation as well as the quality of works.
Moreover, it was awarded by the editor of Greece ELLE in 2012 as the Korean designer who is worthy of recognition and
the ‘2013 Worthy of Notice Design’ selected by the November edition of Casa Living in the year 2013.’

모노컴플렉스는 조장원 박현우 황은상 김태민 이상 4명의 팀으로 이루어진 디자인 스튜디오이다.

이들은 우리가 살아가는 삶 속에서 느끼는 감정과 생각 그리고 복합적인 요소들을 다양한 소재를 활용해 자유로운 형태의 사물로 나타낸다.
사물과 사람, 사람과 사람 간의 충돌에 의해 끝없이 펼쳐지는 형(形)의 자유로움을 현대적(contemporary)인 요소와 다양한 미적 기준에 입각해 표현한다.
이러한 결과물에 부여된 주제는 단순히 대중들에게 발상의 파생을 돕고자 함이며, 다양하게 나타나는 주관적인 상상을 유도한다.
모노컴플렉스는 '우리들 또한 대중과 같이 현시대를 살아가며, 우리가 표현하는 단순한 그 모든것은 바로 현시대의 다양성을 보여준다.' 라고 말한다.
"단순한것이 가장 다양한 것이다." 
모노컴플렉스는 2011년 활동을 시작한 후로 지금까지 삼성카드, 갤러리아명품관, 플래닝코리아, W호텔, 서울시청, 코렐, DITTING(swiss 社),
부천국제영화제 등 유수 클라이언트와의 협업을 통해 프로젝트 수행능력과 작품성을 인정받았으며, 2014년부터 계원예술대학교 리빙디자인계열에 출강하고 있다.
모노컴플렉스는 2012년 그리스 ELLE 편집장이 선정한 주목할만한 한국디자이너, 2013 11월에는 월간 까사리빙 선정 ‘2013년 주목할 디자이너 12인’으로 선정된 바 있다.

2015 설화문화전 '설화 - 백일홍이야기' - Bluesquare NEMO, Korea 
2015 ICFF / International Contemporary Furniture Fair - Javits Center, NYC 
A to Z on the table - Joeunnamu & Co, Seoul, Korea 
Art Furniture 人 Group Exhibition - Gallery Arirang, Busan, Korea 
Sempio Exhibition - Sempio Space, Korea 
Asia Hotel Art Fair 2014 - Marco Polo Hotel & Harbourcity, Hongkong 
Home Table Deco Fair 2013 - COEX, Seoul
Home Table Deco Fair 2013 - EXCO, Daegu
Designweek in Daegu 2013 - Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center
Gwangju Design Biennale 2013 - Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju
2013 Take Off Korea - Bluesquare NEMO
Cherish 'Arte' Solo Exhibition 'OBJET' - Cherish Showroom
2nd Solo Exhibition 'Telling' - Gallery Gabi

Exhibition with New Concept - WhatIwant Showroom
Product Design Day - Chennai, INDIA
A Simple Pleasure : Art & Design - Beyond Museum
Jeju Airest City Concept Exhibition - Boutique Monaco Museum
Scenery of Memory - Gallery Sky Yeon
3rd AtoZ Furniture Exhibition - Shinsegae Department Main Store
2012 Fashion Meets Furniture - Boutique Monaco Museum

10th Seoul Design Festival - COEX
1st Solo Exhibition 'MONO and COMPLEX' - Boutique Monaco Museum

KONKUK University Graduation Exhibition - KCDF
SEOUL Design Fair 2010 - Seoul Olympic Stadium
DP9 Lighting Fair - BMH Gallery
Korea Eyewear Design Competition - EXCO
2010 KOREA Jewelry Fair Exhibition - COEX
DP9 Furniture Fair - BMH Gallery
F/W 10/11 Seoul Fashion Week Generation Next 'ALANI'