Free Form Ruler / Electric Tool

Client / design for all
Material / Wood, LED Panel

Ruler which measures length is surely needed not only architecture, design, fashion but also in our real life.
Unit of length is a lot such as feet, inch, millimeter, centimeter. Similarly, type of ruler is as many as unit of length.
Therefore, people who measures a length wants to buy variety type of ruler. It's difficult to find the ruler which can be used in
any situation with many function like measuring the length of curve, clothes, furniture.
Ruler and pen, both are needed for measuring and we recognize that ruler for measuring and pen for drawing a line.
So I suggest the electric ruler.

'Free Form Ruler' is hexagon-shaped, and it can be possible to set up 'reset' by turning an inverter after measuring the figures
because of university the five measurement units used well to estimate measures and reset written on it.

User can convert each different unit turning the upper part of the product.